Getting your order

Everything regarding getting the order into your hands can be found here.

We have updated our system emails to help guide your expectations and keep the lines of communication open. Hopefully this helps you make a well informed decision.


If you chose to pick-up your order then the following applies to you!

You will be contacted by a team member when your order is ready for pick-up.

We book a half hour time when you are available. We do not book anyone directly before or after so that we have time to wipe down surfaces that may have been touched, so please try to stick to your time.

If you cannot make it or are running late, just let us know so we can try another time. We tend to have pick ups during a time where someone is at the home and can place and bring in orders to avoid them being taken by someone else.

Local delivery

We have made changes to our local delivery! (September 27, 2020) 

We had been trying to deliver everything ourselves and while we were successful for a time, we were struggling to actually meet our clients request for timed deliveries.

While we wish we could continue with this trend, we do get quite a few orders and found other clients were not getting the same service.

For this reason, during the months of October and November we will be trying a few local courier options and seeing what can fit into our business plan and keep the costs affordable to you as a client

Canada post - No tracking

This is the cheapest option to ship and if you are not in a rush, its perfect.

However we want to be sure you are making an informed choice. While we will ship to you using this method is is also with risk. 

We cannot track to be able to confirm the delivery or even see where it is. While there are times we have replaced these parcels in the past, we have found that it has been unnecessary and most of the time the original package ends up significantly delayed. 

Our selections change often so if an order is lost we cannot promise to be able to replace it. 

Canada post - With tracking

As soon as we get home with your tracking number we put it in the system! You will receive an email with your tracking number so that you can keep an eye on your order while it makes its way to your home.

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