Fit and feature guide

So many options! Need help? You're in the right spot!

I totally understand that when you go to place that order it can be overwhelming, but I've got you! I'm sure you want to know what the difference is, why there is a difference and why are there so many options to keep it on your face. Well I hope below will help you decide which best suits you and your needs!

Flat mask

Easy to adjust for multiple people
Slight less contact with face*

This style of mask is close to a surgical style mask. Our design allows us to provide a latex free option with cord channels down the side.

* In terms of those who may feel restricted when wearing a mask I tend to suggest a pleated mask to start as you can adjust space in front of your nose and mouth to alleviate some of the direct contact.

Cons: Fabric may move when breathing

Full patterns may not be completely visible

Not reversible

Fitted Mask

Full view patterns
Covers extra width

Fitted masks are all the rage as you can really make a statement ! These are easy to wear, need minimal adjusting and they are reversible too! You can stick with a neutral back or pick another pattern! (Just stick a comment in the notes!)

These also come in two sizes because, beards and other things that get in the way may need a little extra room. If the measurements on main description don't meet your needs, please slip us a note! No extra cost. 

Cons: This mask may feel more constricting as there is more direct contact on the sides of the face. 

Fit will depend on how you tie. 

Elastic fittings

No tie

Elastic makes the masks go on and off easily. The elastic for the fitted mask is a 10 inch loop, if its just slide the knot out and re-knot as needed. Flat pleated masks come with about 7 inches of elastic sewn in and fits most. You can always ask about ear savers to adjust the fit. We do make them, we just don't list them. 

Cons: Not adjustable 

May irritate ears


Holds a tie with minimal effort to untie

Paracord masks come with approximately 48 inches of cord with finished ends. There is a loop that sits on the bottom of the neck and the top can be tied where it is comfortable for you.

The paracord can be used in emergencies to hold up to 550lbs!

Cons: May need to learn to tie without seeing things - but before you curse this option, check out the next option; toggles! 


No tie solution
So easy it is life changing

Toggles make corded masks so simple it is a wonder that people even choose to still tie them! Add this little spring loaded feature to your mask to be able to slide it down snug in place and by a simple gentle squeeze be freed into the realm of rich oxygenated air!

*Toggle style may change as local suppliers don't keep a lot on hand. Sometimes plastic pieces may be imported in order to meet demand.

We’d love to work with you. Be it special sizing, or a filter pocket please let us know how we can help.

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