About Better Than Nothing

Quality sewn with love and care

Cassandra is the owner of Better Than Nothing, she works on everything from the website, to making the products to even delivering it herself. Not only running a business but raising her family while her partner has his own business.  Days are long, work is hard, but every bit of both are fulfilling. 

When she thought of the name she was not only being a little silly, but completely honest. No matter what you get, it will always be Better Than Nothing. 

Cassandra was taught by family and self learning, she does her best to attend workshops and learning programs to help keep information and techniques current and has dreams of attending Beverly Johnsons Corset making and shapewear classes.

We hope to keep working to help support the local LGBTQ community and youth in the community, by donating financially, donating products and even employment in the near future.

Future projects include life skills sewing classes. We aren't teaching how to make a dress, but we certainly will help you make your favourite pieces last a little longer and fit a little better. 

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