The skeletons of great dinosaurs like the Triceratops, Tyranasaurus, Brontosaurus and more glow bright in this print!


  • Available in 3 different styles and multiple sizes available for each style.
  • We offer toggle and cord for a no tie solution that makes slipping the mask on and off easy PLEASE NOTE what you would like or we will just use standard elastic.
  • We also have latex free options available for those that need them.
  • All masks are 2 layers of 100% cotton with the option to add a polypropylenelayer between the 2 cotton layers. 
  • All masks have nose wire as a standard


Fitted Style Mask nice secure seal fit with no gaps due to the channels being able to be cynched with ease. If you would like the center seam wired so that it can be made to stand away from the mouth, please just add a note. While it isn't standard our pattern allows for easy customizing to make everyone as comfortable as possible. 
Available in sizes: Toddler, Child, Big Kid, Petite(Teen), One Size, Extra Large

3D Style Mask is popular among those who have a lot to say!

The style helps keep the fabric proped away from the mouth and helps remove some of the vibration while speaking that occurs with other styles.

These are available in sizing: Toddler, Child, Teen, One Size (OS), Extra Large.


Pleated Mask Style easy, trusty, reliable. Easy to adjust and the one size is very forgiving if you have a shared mask collection with someone in the home! Elastics in this mask are stationary but come with adjusters. We can also add cord to this mask to make a secure snug fit.
These are available in sizing: Kids, Petite, One Size, Extra Large.



Masks: Glowing Dino Skeletons

Style of Mask
  • Sizing can always be made exact after the order is placed. Just slip in the notes the size that you are aiming for. Your best bet is to let us know what age a child is and if they would be considered small, average or bigger in comparison to their peers. Sometimes a 5 yr old will fit a petite teen and sometimes an 8 year old needs a petite adult size! We are here to help!

  • In your notes please let us know if you would like elastic or cord and if you require the latex free option. 

    We do our best to match our paracord and toggle to the mask you purchased. Latex free elastic is only available in white. Every way you wear these masks can be adjusted to fit you. Completely customizable and our own patterns so that we can adjust fit as needed. 

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